Located in the Bernoussi neighborhood of Casablanca, HIBA Studio covers a total area of 1500 square meters. It is designed to accommodate and record different musical genres. The studio is the first of its kind in Morocco due to its scope and level of equipment but also due to its design that takes into account the needs expressed by many artists. The studio is divided into two separate buildings: a recording studio and a residential complex to house talent.


Studio Hiba - Residence: Chambres
Studio Hiba - Residence: Chambres
Studio Hiba - Residence: Chambres

The HIBA Studio also includes an artist residence that can accommodate the artists and their companions in a secluded space for isolation and optimal concentration.

The residential area consists of five private apartments. Each apartment has a living room and a bedroom with a bathroom and an equipped kitchenette.


Studio Hiba : Le restaurant

The HIBA Studio provides artists and their companions access to a food court with a diverse menu for all meals.