Studio HIBA

Control Room

Studio Hiba - Equipements de la control Room

Ideal for capturing sounds and stereo mixes :

  • Quality acoustics
  • Can accommodate up to 48 people
  • Set processing racks and effects processors: TC electronics, Bricasti, Lexicon, Tube Tech, Avalon...
  • Quality monitoring system: large, medium and small displays
  • Monitoring System 5.1

Studios and Rehearsal Rooms…

Studio Hiba : Cabines & salles de répétition
Studio Hiba : Cabines & salles de répétition
Studio Hiba : Cabines & salles de répétition

Can accommodate all instruments, small groups, and big bands

  • Main studio:
    • The main studio is 72 square meters and has a ceiling height of eight meters.
    • Modular acoustic panels that allow for a multitude of possible configurations.
    • Visibility of the control room and the 2 isolation booths.
  • Smaller studios:
    • The small studios are 12 square meters by 20 square meters.
    • Quality acoustics.
    • Visibility of the main studio.
    • Video feed with the main studio.
  • Rehearsal and Recording Rooms:
    • Various room sizes.
    • Quality acoustics.
    • Video feed to the control room, main studio, and smaller studios.


Studio Hiba : Post Production

For finalizing works: sound editing, transferring, and preparation sessions…

  • Quality acoustics.
  • Console SSL Nucleus, 16 faders control, 2 inputs on Pro Tools 11.
  • SSL Plugins.
  • Listen Genelec 8050 and Reftone Stereo.

Broadcasting and PR…

Studio Hiba : Broadcasting and PR…