Music /

Hiba Studio is the first professional recording studio in Morocco with exceptional acoustics and facilities that are held to international standards. It has benefited from the contributions of specialist consultants and from experiences working in major internationally recognized studios: Studio Ferber, Real World...

Recording /

Hiba The Studio is proud to host the latest:

  • SSL C200 console and advanced monitoring systems.
  • Microphones: Neumann, Sennheiser, Schoeps, AKG, Shure.
  • Racks treatments and effects: Tube-Tech, Avalon, DSUs, Empirical Labs, Lexicon, Bricasti, TC Electronics...

Our team has considerable experience with the equipment allowing for optimal use (the complete data sheet is available in the equipment tab).


The studio has a range of facilities to produce quality mixes in hardware as in software.

Our team can make custom mixes of works to achieve optimum quality.

We are also happy to provide clients access to a wide range of international producers, directors, musicians and sound engineers (we have access to preferential rates).

Filming Music /

With a both of over 56 square meters, outstanding acoustics, and excellent facilities, the Hiba Studio is optimized for filming the music process even in large formations like choirs or brass/wood groups etc...

Our main control board also has a 5.1 mix and a quality monitoring system to mix your music, movies or concerts in halls for DVD release.

Post-production /

Hiba The studio also offers the possibility of post-production work for your audio-visual products: advertising, video, TV, Radio etc...


Dubbing is ideal for series, films, documentaries, and commercials. The HIBA Studio offers the opportunity to carry out dubbing work and post-synchronization at international standards: live pictures with several actors, Rythmo band, large projection screen, microphones and quality treatments etc...


Rehearsal Rooms

Studio Hiba has three rehearsal rooms that are available for professional artists and can be rented for half a day or for the whole day. They have very good acoustics and are equipped with all the necessary equipment and backline: guitar amps, bass amps, Piano ΒΌ tail, batteries etc...